Saturday, 8 August 2015

FREE BOOK: 10 Habits of Bloggers that Win by Vicki Davis

Limited Time Offer

Ten Habits of Bloggers that Win is one of my most popular posts of all time. Ten simple habits have helped me grow this blog. Since I wrote that post in 2006, it needed an update. It grew into an ebook. Eventually, I’ll sell it on Amazon. For now, I’m giving it away to a group of readers — you.

10 Habits of Bloggers That Win

Just sign up for one of my mailing lists. It’s yours!

Why Am I Doing This?

I have three reasons.

1. Publishing has changed

First, there’s a new way to publish books. It is where people crowdsource a book. That audience gives feedback. The author includes the audience in future revisions. The first set of readers are called alpha readers. That’s you.

After the book is revised, then it is released. Many people have done this. I’m trying it now.

After you read the book, email me. Feedback. Stories. Ideas for improvement. Pictures. Some of you will shape the future of this book. Hey, I could even use a better cover. 😉

2. My loyal readers deserve benefits

Second, I want to give benefits and freebies to those who trust me with their inbox. This is the first of more to come.

3. Because school is about to start

Third, lots of people want help with blogging. School is about to start on Monday. If I don’t share it now, it will sit on my computer getting old. I’ll improve it as feedback comes in. I figured I’d try out this alpha reader thing. I’ve been wanting to do it.

Sign Me Up and Send Me the Book

I have two mailing lists:

After you sign up, you’ll receive the email with the link. Click on the book and click download.

NOTE: This is not for you to share, distribute, or publish. It is for you to read. If your friends want it, they can sign up and get their own copy.

This work has come a long way from the original blog post.

Thank you to my friend Sylvia Duckworth who previewed the book and put in a sketchnote!

Sylvia is the first person who has mashed up this book and helped it improve. This is exciting. I have no idea what will happen with this. So, now, I’m clicking publish.

Remember, this is for a limited time. When I get enough readers and feedback coming in and start revising, I’ll move on and share another freebie. Don’t worry, I’ll always share the freebies with those on my email list.

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