Sunday, 30 August 2015

MathsWatch spaced-learning revision programme- Edexcel 1MA0

I’ve put together a revision programme based on MathsWatch for the year 11 cohort of 2015-16 studying Edexcel 1MA0 GCSE maths. It is based on spaced-learning principles to maximise retention. This could be used as an additional revision programme to complement weekly practice papers, which are essential in my opinion. It will ensure students systematically visit all topics on the GCSE 3 separate times during year 11 revision.

Download the D to C revision programme

Download the C to A* revision programme

MathsWatch Year 11 revision programme D to C

1st revision– students watch the MathsWatch full video lesson and make notes on this template.

Also, download an example  you can show them of what good notes look like.

MathsWatch revision programme template- example of good notes

2nd & 3rd revision– students watch the MathsWatch ‘1 minute maths’ video and complete the questions in the video.

Little and often! A bit of structure for the well-intentioned students who need it. :-)

*Note to be aware of… Clip 60… We teach Gelosia multiplication at Wyvern College, rather than long multiplication. The pdfs advise students to look for a clip elsewhere on this topic.

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