Saturday, 15 August 2015

Numeracy Ninjas


Today is a rather emotional day for me. The last few years have been an amazing journey learning about effective maths teaching. Steps along the way have included: The problem with levels- gaps in basic numeracy skills identified by rigorous diagnostic testingForgetting is necessary for learning, desirable difficulties and the need to dissociate learning and performanceGoing SOLO on the journey towards deep learning,How do we make John Hattie’s “Visible Learning” work in maths? and, of course, You’ve never seen the GCSE Maths curriculum like this before…

Today is a milestone where I’m launching Numeracy Ninjas, a free KS3 numeracy intervention that puts all of my CPD learning from the last 3 years into practice! It incorporates all of the curriculum mapping work with a schedule that maximises retention over time. Best of all, I’m making it completely free for any school to use!

Ninja Character GOLD

Visit to meet the Numeracy Ninjas!

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