Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A Fast Way to Read the News: Newsmap

A 2 Minute Productivity Tip

No time to read the news? Newsmap helps. Here are tips and a quick tour.

A Fast Way to Read the News: Newsmap

Newsmap isn’t new — but perfect for a five-minute glance at the news. Here are some tips:

  • When you hover over a box, it will show you the most recent headline. (Great if the box is tiny.)
  • The brightness of the box shows you how breaking the news is. (Brighter means more are coming in faster, darker means that it is decreasing in the number of headlines.)
  • Click Customize to fine tune how you want to view the news. (You’ll need to create an account.)
  • Click the different countries across the top to see how the news looks there.

This is a must-share with current events teachers and news hounds.

My other tool for news reading is Feedly. Here’s a Feedly tutorial to get you started. Be productive! Be focused! Use tools that work.

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