Thursday, 1 October 2015

Story of a Young Life Turned Around by Great Teachers

An Every Classroom Matters Episode

Raised by an “alcoholic and an outlaw” father, Kevin Honeycutt grew up in poverty. He says childhood had many “midnight runs.” His Dad would let the kids pack their belongings in one trash bag each. Kevin was always the new kid. Foster homes. Extreme poverty. But someone saved him. It was his teachers. This episode is his story.

Important Takeaways

  • How you can “flip a kid” and change a life
  • You have lots of kids who transfer in and out, do you still make a difference?
  • “Rebelieving” in someone
  • How band and art classes changed his life
  • How to help kids with no hope succeed
  • Finding success secrets

I asked him,

“If you were your own teacher. If “little Kevin” were in your class for 15 days, what would you tell him?”

I replayed Kevin’s response to that question over and over. His answer haunts me. We should all be saying this.

Do you feel this way? When I’ve poured my heart and soul into a child and they transfer, I cry. I mourn. I wonder if I made a difference. Kevin fills me with hope.

The show is full of great quotes. (below)

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I believe you can flip a kid on any one day in one hour. Kevin Honeycutt

other people's believe in yourself becomes your surrogate belief until you get your own. Kevin Honeycutt

Teachers should be a resource not the source.


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