Sunday, 14 February 2016

Timestables diagnostic tool and adaptive question generator

It’s no secret that we have plans to develop an online version of Numeracy Ninjas in the future where students can battle against each other online in a games-based environment and receive diagnostic feedback on their numeracy strengths and weaknesses.

In the meantime, I have put together a timestables diagnostic tool and question generator in Excel. I made it to help my daughter learn her timestables faster by incorporating adaptive questioning based on the time it takes her to answer each question. I.e. the questions she takes longer to answer appear more often.

The spreadsheet gives out diagnostic feedback like this:


Left- number of seconds it takes the student to answer each timestables question. Right- probability of each question appearing next (adjusted after each question based on the time it took to be answered)

To use the spreadsheet you work with the student and they answer each timestables question as it appears. You click the ‘next question’ button after each correct answer.


Interface. You click the ‘next question’ button after each correct answer given by the student

If you would like to use the Timestables Diagnostic Tool and Adaptive Question Generator with your own students or children (for educational purposes only), you can download the file here:

Timestables Diagnostic Tool- Great Maths Teaching Ideas

When the file opens, make sure you click ‘Enable Macros’.

Please feel free to download the file for free and to trial it to see if you find it useful for your own students. If you plan to use it regularly, please consider making a donation equal in value to what you feel the resource is worth to you and your students.


Please do not distribute or republish the resource- direct people to this page if they would like to download it.

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