Monday, 3 December 2018

It’s Time to Ace Prelim Revision

It’s Time to Ace Prelim Revision

At this time of year, there’s the faint sound of ‘jingle bells’ ringing- and your teenager’s sighs may be ringing in your ears, too, with prelim exams on the way…

It can be a tricky time of year for some students, who are starting to feel the slog of a long winter term. Perhaps you’re already hearing your child say that they’re worn out and tired?
However, if your child wants to do well, the expectation is that they will utilise some of their Christmas break to prepare for prelims (which happen in January and February for most schools.)

Plans, Plans, Plans

Firstly, your teen needs to plan. To ace prelims, it’s going to be important to look ahead and use time wisely. You’ll know, for example, that Christmas Day and Boxing Day are going to be ‘struck off’ the revision list- and maybe New Year, too. Drawing up a timetable for the month of December and across the Christmas holidays is a good place to start.

Focused Revision Courses

We’d suggest spending a focused few days of the school holidays working on revision- that way, your teen frees up time to take a rest and relish in the festivities, too! Because of this, we provide revision courses across three days of the Christmas holidays: 27th, 28th and the 29th December. These are three intensive days whereby your teen can revise in a focused and motivating environment.
All our sessions are led by subject specialists, so you can guarantee your teen’s revision will be in safe hands in the lead up to prelims! Now is an excellent time to sign up!

Christmas Revision School take place over a three-day period a single course consists of 3 daily tutorial sessions, each 2 hours in duration, and combine intensive teaching with examination practice.


The timings of examinations can be tough: every exam has its own length, and within each exam paper, students are advised to spend a set amount of time per question/s. As if there wasn’t enough to do, remembering all these timings sounds tricky! However, this is where prelim exams make for excellent and realistic preparation!
In advance of this, though, it’s sensible for your teen to put their timing to the test and practise exam papers, as well as individual questions. This will give them a sense of confidence before the prelims as they will have been able to gauge a sense of their timings and the format of questions.

Treat Prelims Seriously

Finally, don’t underestimate these mock exams! When it comes to acing prelims, there’ll be some students who don’t take them seriously and believe these examinations don’t count for anything. But they do! They count for: student and teacher assessment; valuable feedback; predicted grades; realistic rehearsal…the list goes on.

In some exceptional circumstances, the preliminary grades may even be used as final grades, should there be any unforeseen reason (such as serious illness,) whereby your child is unable to sit their summer finals!

Your teen needs to treat these prelims as an opportunity. It’s their chance to put everything they’ve learnt so far into practise, with room to improve, amend and progress!

Prelim Revision Course
Thursday 27th, Friday 28th and Saturday 29th December 2018
National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher

Originally Published Here: It’s Time to Ace Prelim Revision

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