Tuesday, 8 January 2019

New Year’s Revision Resolutions

New Year’s Revision Resolutions

New Year’s Revision Resolutions

As we’re celebrating seeing in 2019, your teen might be feeling a little more daunted than celebratory: it’s an exam year- and the months creep ever closer!

So, what resolutions can your teen be making when it comes to revision? How can they set 2019 rolling in the right direction?

We share some ideas:

1. What a cliché it is to say: “Do your best!”

But, regardless of the age-old saying, it is always true. For your teen, it might be the first time they’ll be sitting formal examinations: they’ll be feeling the pressure. Everybody wants to do well! Ensuring your child knows that working hard and doing their best is the expectation, then it should ease some of the anxiety that students will face this year- and help them strive towards their best grades, of course!

2. Stay on Track

Whilst we all start the New Year with great optimism of how we’re going to stay organised and stick to certain resolutions, it can be hard to see these things through! And when it comes to a revision timetable, it’s going to be a really good idea for your teen to stick to it! Easier said than done, yes, but the timetable should be realistic. Revision timetables should aim to optimise study time, not leave your child floundering to fit everything in! Seek examples online, or ask at school for some advice if your child is feeling unsure.

3. Commit to a Revision Course

As a revision provider, we know and recognise the impact that attending a revision course can have on a student’s grades! A wise move would be for your teen to commit to attending a revision course, whereby they can intensify their ‘independent’ study to work towards top marks. Our courses are led by knowledgeable subject specialists, and we revise in small peer groups to maximise the learning environment. Our courses directly cater for the National 5, Higher and Advanced Highers examinations and gives your child the chance to revise with confidence.

During a course, students can expect to conduct intensive study in a small group. They can expect their revision to be led by an experienced educator, and to finish the course amazed at how much content they’ve covered.

4. Set Grade Goals

What is your teenager hoping to achieve? What grades can they realistically hope to get? These are some of the things- moving forward- your teen should start to assess. With prelim exams on the way, they’ll soon have a clearer idea of what levels they’re working at, but it’d be good practice to start by setting goals for their prelims first of all. Perhaps there’s one particular subject your teen hopes to really excel at? They could start by setting a goal to achieve a certain grade in their prelims- then work towards attaining this.

5. Head Down and Get On

The last resolution is all about attitude! Encourage your teen to ‘get their head down and get on’ – it will pay off. As much as possible, avoid the teenage drama; take breaks from social media; ease up on distractions- and your teen will do well.

Your child is merely a matter of months away from sitting real exams and receiving real grades. Treat the New Year as a fresh start into an important, yet exciting, time ahead!

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