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The Power of Guided Revision

The Power of Guided Revision

The world of revision looks rather different nowadays, to what it may have looked like several years ago. As a parent recalling your own school days, you may remember being completely left to your own devices when it came to revision- or there may not have been much emphasis on revision back when you sat your school exams.

However, the picture is very different for your teenager. The importance of revision is drummed, drummed and drummed again- but all for good reason. Revision prepares your child for their exams (for which there are many!) and also sets them up with a sense of responsibility and independence. With children in education for longer nowadays, the revision period is a time for your teenager to flourish in their learning, and gives them the opportunity to take ownership of their potential and outcomes.

Another difference, in more recent years, is the growth and power of guided revision. In the past, many schools have offered more and more revision sessions, run voluntarily by teachers after school.


However, external revision providers are increasingly popular- and utilising this is one of the best ways to revise!

Providers, such as ours, offer revision courses throughout the year. Our courses cater specifically for National 5s, Highers and Advanced Highers: we teach directly to SQA specifications and examinations for core subjects. Therefore, your child accesses revision guidance, materials and teaching- outside of the classroom- that solely focuses on the exams that your child will be taking! This means that they can revise with excellence, as well as assurance.

Many students find it beneficial to be guided through their revision. It can be tough on your teen to pore through books and notes independently. Some students struggle with motivation, whilst other students sometimes just get a bit stuck when they’re home alone trying to revise! Some students might want to take their revision to ‘the next level,’ but be unsure how. Revision courses are the ideal solution.

Not only do these courses focus students’ attention on revision, they also give them a structure to follow, and the chance to practice sitting the exams. Easter revision courses have a significant positive impact on performance. Once students are firmly on the right path, they can make the best use of their evenings and weekends throughout the spring term.

Additionally, guided revision is powerful because it is typically much more intense (in the time frame) than studying students do in school or at home. This is because our courses are run by subject specialists, who can stretch and challenge your teen in a focussed environment. Our courses only run in small groups of students, and we know that working with a small group of peers can add great benefits to revision- whether that be through sharing ideas, or finding a new study buddy! Guided revision is also great for providing a boost in confidence, too.

Guided revision is always going to be purposeful and useful. The next set of course dates includes our Easter Revision School: a prime time for your teen to maximise on what we offer- with a final ‘helping hand’ before the final exams! Places fill up quickly, so we’d advise signing your child up as soon as you can.

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