Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Keeping up Momentum

Keeping up Momentum

The January Blues may have been and gone, but your teen may still be stuck in a state of sluggishness.
With wintry weather still upon us- and prelim exams likely well underway- your teen’s life at school probably continues to get trickier. The looming pressure of the spring lays ahead…and it’s generally a tough time for your teenager to keep their revision momentum going!

So, what can you do?

One of the best things you can do is continue to sign your child up to revision courses. External providers, such as ourselves, provide excellent courses to keep your child on track with their revision. In addition to this, our upcoming ‘Easter School’ is calendared at a prime time to make a real difference to your teen, just before the exams. Our courses give your child the opportunity to work in a fresh environment, with new faces and wonderful expertise!

Before Easter School starts, however, studying on a regular basis remains crucial. Sticking to a revision timetable is tough, though. So, to keep your teenager’s commitment going, you could throw in a few small incentives along the way… because who doesn’t love a little treat?! Rewards don’t have to be anything big, and you could even come up with some ideas together to pinpoint particular milestones or dates.

Revision timetables should aim to optimise study time, not leave your child floundering to fit everything in! Seek examples online, or ask at school for some advice if your child is feeling unsure.

Start Counting

Talking of which, putting up a visual calendar can be really helpful for some teens. Usually, youngsters find that there really isn’t that long until their exam starts- and this can spur action! When it comes to exams, it’s easy to talk in months: “Oh, they’re three months away!” But, the truth is, when you look at the countdown in ‘days’ it starts to look much, much less!
Lists or having things to ‘tick off’ can also work wonders to keep your teen focussed. If they’re struggling, draw up short and simple ‘tick lists’ every time they revise. As your teen completes certain chunks or tasks, they can feel the satisfaction of ‘completion,’ whilst working towards an overall goal!

Focus is friends with Motivation.

Sometimes, your teen may need to realign their focus in order to continue revising well. Perhaps they become bored of a certain strategy or revision technique? Maybe you notice they’ve made hundreds of flashcards or a mountain of mind-maps?

It could be time to shake things up a bit!

Suggest your teen throws in some different revision resources: maybe revise with a friend? Maybe download a revision podcast? Watch a topic video? Change up what they’re doing to prevent stagnancy!
Finally, ensure your teen keeps a sense of balance. Your teen will need a healthy lifestyle- more so than ever during their exam year. Do hobbies. Eat well. Encourage good sleeping habits. Your teen will be much more likely to keep up their ‘mojo’ if they feel healthy and grounded.

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