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The Easter Holidays: Why Join a Revision Course?

The Easter Holidays: Why Join a Revision Course?

Well, it was probably weeks ago already that Easter eggs appearing on the shelves… and shoppers often find themselves surprised because Easter is weeks away- isn’t it?!

Errmmm… not so much for your exam-taking teenager, who are likely counting down the days…!

Every time your child sees or thinks of ‘Easter’ this year, they might feel excited (because the exams are closer to OVER!) or they could be filled with dread (because they realise there’s NOT long to go until those final exams will begin!)

Either way, the Easter holidays stand out as an important time in the academic year. Whilst the majority of exams get into ‘full swing’ a month or so later, there will be a scattering of examinations that begin after the Easter holidays. Not only this, but the vital thing to think about is this:

The Easter Holidays are always the ones that seem to just ‘spring up’ out of nowhere- and this can be a little daunting for your teenager. This is because: on the one hand, your child will have a bit of a breather (and hopefully some chocolate, too!) over the Easter break. On the other hand, the Easter holidays are a perfect opportunity for devoting a decent amount of time to revision- and we’d encourage you to sign your child up to a revision course as soon as possible. Here’s why:

Easter is the biggest chunk of time your teen will have, out of school, to prepare

(and rest!)

Our courses create a brilliant balance: between intense revision- and time for rest.

Even the most dedicated of students will benefit from a short period of intensive study to accelerate their exam preparation – away from holiday and home distractions – where our study structure is put in place. In this work-focused environment, as well as covering subject topics, students practise exam style questions. Overall, Easter revision courses have a significant positive impact on summer exam performance.

Learning is like a muscle that needs to be exercised. We all know concert pianists have to practise daily and top athletics train hard to give their best performance – it’s the same with learning.

Students who attend a revision provider can expect a more impactful approach because our courses function in a small-group environment (rather than a large class context.) This often means your child can avoid being distracted by groups of friends- which can happen in school. By working with peers from different schools and colleges, individuals tend to find themselves in a much more focussed setting and working with like-minded youngsters.

We deliver National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher material, so your teen can be sure to scrub up on everything they need to know for their SQA exams! We are also impactful because our courses are led by subject specialists, who are experienced and full of know-how when it comes to your teenager’s specific exams!

What’s great about joining a revision course is the access your child can have to these subject experts. There will be times where your child may have questions or confusions; your teen may not know how to handle a question or topic. Therefore, joining a revision course- just before exams begin- is an excellent opportunity for your child to directly access someone who will answer and guide them.

<blockquote class=“SQA-Easter-Revision-Courses” cite=“”>Our courses focus students’ attention on revision, they also give them a structure to follow, while practising exam style questions. Easter revision courses have a significant positive impact on performance.</blockquote>

Our Easter courses are 8 hours (across four days) ensuring your child receives all the vital revision they need, at the same time as leaving them the rest of the day to still study independently. It’s often the case that, once your teen’s revision gets a ‘kick start,’ they find it much easier to continue in the right direction on their own!

Our Easter courses are popular- so it’s advised you sign your child up as soon as you can: we look forward to seeing them there!

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